Friday, May 30, 2014

Wonderful Sapphire in the Birthstones

January, the garnet all colors, meaning it is healthy.
February, the amethyst is by definition independent, sincere heart.
March put on a Marine means is honest.
April White Zircon meaning is a windfall wealth.
May is the emerald, jade, meaning faith.
June Pearl Mukdahan meaning is pure longevity.
July Ruby means success.

                     Ruby Antique 

August the Peridot by means famous.
September sapphire color meaning is love, compassion, kindness.
October Opal Tourmaline red means happiness, fulfillment.
November is lucky zircon, topaz yellow caution.
December, blue zircon rich charters for the oil wealth.

'Sapphire' is one of the Birthstones in September which has various colors such as yellow, pink, purple, green, etc. So if we. This gemstone is called non-colors such as blue, then you must specify Yellow Sapphire (Topaz).
Green Sapphire (light green), Padparadsha Sapphire (Tourmaline), etc..

Antique Blue Sapphire Diamond Rings

Ancient Persians believed that sapphire is the "stone of heaven" because they believe that the world stands on the huge sapphire, thus reflecting sunlight. Out into the sky is blue, there are also some people.

    Black Sapphire Antique Gold Rings

   Blue Sapphire 14K Gold Antique Rings

Sapphire is the gem of the group believe that the kings used to wear to prevent dangers and take this gemstone.
Symbol of sincerity and stability.

*source — Antique Rings

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