Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Easiest Steps to Measure your Ring Size by yourself at Home

To Measure your ring size yourself.
If you are the one who are not sure what's ring size you'd wear. This would be another way to make you know what size your finger for a ring. You can do this by yourself at home.

By the average Women tend to have size 6 ring size of men are in size 10.

** The Result is approximation that may be moving more or less, so you should follow the steps of the article is correct and complete to get the results.

Recommendation - Not to be measured while the cold finger. Since that time, our fingers will be smaller too. It should measure evening, because that time Our fingers are the size of the largest .

 5 easiest steps to Measure the Ring Size on your fingers 

1. Cutting paper into strips of a width not exceeding 5 mm.

2. Bring it wrapped around the base of the fingers to fit. (If it's an inch bigger than an inch measurements).

3. Then use a pencil or pen to mark it.

4. Use a ruler to measure the length of a finger girth in millimeters.

5. Compared Size on the Table. It will be your ring size.

*article translated by authentic amulets and thank source for illustrations.