Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Truth of Real Silver 925 part2

         These photos are the 'King of Nagas' that made of the 'Genuine Sterling Silver 92.5%' (Silver 925).

The Truth of Silver 925 that someone still doesn't know about the silver jewelry and grab a fake silver by misunderstanding!

The Most of fake silver jewelry are “very” bright white. They are not genuine silver, they are just a 'rhodium' or 'silver plated'. They're light weight, and very bright, white shiny finish, so if it looks too shiny and cheap, then that's your first suspense.

" Nobody is going to sell an item NEW, for less than its Cost."

There are many seller on the internet whether on eBay or the online market places that sell the silver for just scrap of money! – You should believe them or not? – That's real silver?  "Hundreds of times I’ve seen items listed on ebay that they're so too cheap, it's not possible! " It's highly possible to made of 'silver plated' or 'rhodium'. 

         This photo is the ring that made of 'rhodium'.

If you’re suspicious, read the details carefully. Many online sellers list "925 sterling silver" items and then put a small note in the listing that states it "plated". Sometimes any people list items as "silver" but when you ask them, they reply "That's just a silver color!" – Be careful! 

     This photo is spoon that made of 'Silver Plated'.

As mentioned by many people, virtually everything that comes out of china is 'fake'. But often sellers will buy this fake Chinese jewellery and relist it trying to make a fast buck. 

*Love to see the Genuine Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry

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