Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chinnarat Buddha Amulet and Chinnarat's History

The 'Chinnarat' Thai Buddha is cast bronze Buddha Sukhothai art at the end of lap one wide and 5 feet 5 inches tall, 7 feet casting progress in the Dlamini 1 (Paya Angeles Times), which has created a Buddha. With Si Buddha Prophet and the Sri Pump the plaster base of a Buddha image is the lotus face. Was not gilded. As the first gold in the reign of King Ekathosarot. I proceed to worship Buddha on the year 2146.

Buddha Buddha is the president of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat monastery classy as a Buddhist statue in Thailand and the most elegant in the world. Perimeter delicacy foundered His face is round the bend the brows Ektumala a flame. Specifically called Ti Kun Lee. Is at the tip of the finger four inches long tie. Arch made of carved wood, built in the Ayutthaya period. Carved Jan (Body like a dragon, but a turkey like elephants) at the end of the arch. And aircraft Ehrnr (Like crocodiles) in the middle of the arch. Naiad Alcohol protect him, he is a Ah Thao Wessuwan and giant reed.

This pic is the Chinnarat Buddha set in the Buddhist Temple 

Creating legendary Buddha said. Created during the Buddha Srithumtripidok. Relics of the Buddha was a child (I) was created with Buddha Si. Prophet and the Sri Using technicians from the city of Sukhothai And Hariphunchai In pouring molten gold appeared to be successful, only two daughters. The Golden Buddha is a sailed. The new cast needs to be done three times. Last Indra has transformed himself into a white-robed ascetic help Thonglor. On Thursday evening, two months, six years, so I had Snake Hulsakrach 717 is finished.
Current Buddha Phra Si Si and the Prophet was invited to enshrine the measure Bovornives Bangkok temple has cast the mock-up instead.

When referring to the Buddha with aesthetic excellence. Everyone must think of Buddha. Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat Certainly Phitsanulok, because Buddha is an elegant gem with artistic excellence with advanced features. Over all the land of Buddha Historians and archaeologists period. The decision is the same that the Buddha was a beauty. As if a precious jewel enormous. Art through the eyes appeared It is a faith Captures the mind of the spectator It is amazing Difficult to describe the beauty of the depletion. Bring enough to pervade the church prevailed string Ya excellent. And filled with Buddhist characteristics Ideally cause the idea is fantastic. 

This pic is Thai Chinnarat Amulet Buddha in Coin Shape that made of 18K Gold.

Buddha is a real or artificial. And when it came to approaching as Lord Buddha, no doubt. It is gratifying that the joy of the people around the yard. Those who want to come back again. No boring as powerful inspiration The beauty and majesty of the Lord Buddha. Also announced witnessing the present moment seemed all ages. Relied consciences of all classes. Without diminished Those with physical distress. I relaxed when I saw Became strangely happy Like a drop of rain falling in the dry desert. It is the garrisons of various living creatures. Like a resurrection from the dead, reborn.

Lord Buddha also announced as one of the world's beauty has manifested eyes. People of Languages The next imprinted on them like a mantra mitochondrial surrounding area. Who Wants to church for a long time. Not wanting to pass. The greatest miracle in these lands. I believe that there will be a precious thing happen. So come to think that if the Lord Buddha. Still alive How beautiful it will overflow.

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