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History of the Hermit and Antique Amulets

In Thailand we were familiar with many ascetics. Because, according to ancient chronicles Or archives old Often mentioned Hermit Such as hermit hermit Wasuetp with Mr. Reed periodontitis. Hariphunchai city builders. And in the Doctor mentioned above. It is strange hermit named many names, which will be discussed further ahead.

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Also on Literature and It's usually a matter of hermit almost everything. For the Son of God, the earth would have to study that section called with hermits and ascetics are the ceremonies and so on.

Texts of many academic disciplines such as medicine, music is the hermit was involved in it. This is reflected in the music and dance that they worshiped ascetics. Traditional medicine was a hermit worship. As follows:

The appearance of a hermit in Thailand Often known as a man clothed in a tiger skin headdress is topped up.

Why Tiger clothing I guess it's seen as being in the woods. No clothes Instead, they used animal skins Most are derived by, however, not disclosed. But not killing it. The hermit must not kill any living thing. But if someone took the meat they eat is not an offering.

Therefore, it might be their animal hunters. Or respected I took it back to be Even then, it still might be wondering further that. Why is this tiger had to guess the answer to that. The tiger skin soft but the hermit Thailand we see Tiger dominate but yellow. Most observations from a Hermit To paint a tiger striped yellow and black. But the hermit of some of gilding it.

Father or the hermit is considered sacred to people in the arts field. Were rated Revere Due to the belief that in the past, the ascetic father or a leader in the arts, be it singing. Or even dance Various dance To convey to the human perception of beauty. The delicacy of the art Known as love, compassion and tenderness. Forgiveness cause of mankind. The Artist Or involved in all the arts. In Thailand is revered father. Teachers or ascetics that compared the supreme teacher of the science of the show. When worship is sacred cause. Progress in the field of job, engaging in a great kindness.

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History Of the The Hermit (Poa Kae) or 'Father'
Father, the hermit, or sometimes referred to as the supreme teacher of science teachers as a hermit of the show. Legend has it that The hermit, there were a total of 108, the Synod considered Pang Pang is always the most effective among the 108 the word hermit comes from the Rue Kasit We see that the knowledge derived from contemplation. You can see the past, present and future, sometimes called the father or hermit.

"O Allah madrigals Beach Vit" We know that the passage of the three. It is also considered as the Hermits gave them knowledge. All mankind As astrological texts And theological texts Noted that the corresponding Holy Thursday was made to the faculty of the Department of all knowledge.

With the deity Shiva Veda to cast their hermit 19 grains of powder is then wrapped in cloth, glass, lapis lazuli. Sprinkled with elixir Became a Thewarat Lapis color as the body Are paradise Topaz The golden deer as a vehicle Keeping the west Mount Meru Are physically represented by the symbol of the hermit is pure intelligence parlance lyrical wit. Appointed as professor of theoretical knowledge as well as a master of all these angels. Thursday's show is considered a symbol of a hermit, teacher, teachers have to respect each other.


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