Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jatuakarm Ramathep Amulets now lost?

God of Hindu like Lord Ganesh bless everyone to be Happy and Luck!. Jatukarm is something like that, as well – Long time ago Jatukarm is very Popular and in Demand especially in Asia, but Nowadays Jatukarm not in the flow, but on the other hand Jatukarm Amulets are become very rare in the present time. 

The History of Jatukarm Ramathep

"Do you know about Jatukarm?"

Jatuakarmramathep means Thepraksa relics Si Thammarat second episode is contrary Thao Cam and Dame Tu Ramthep which was originally in the belief of a deity Brahmin class. And are available in all regions of Thailand. But when the region Southeast Asia this influence of Buddhism into the thao contrary Herodotus threat and Dame Ramthep has changed status to angels preserve relics and rename it to be auspicious as Thao Jatukarm and remaining on the door. relics up in 2530 when the newly Horoscope Thammarat. Thus invoking Jatuakarmramathep to be at that moment.

Image of Jatuakarmramathep Most will appear as the deity in a sitting position with four people holding different weapons and Batman 4 he will appear in the form of Hanuman four people armed in massive variety which is the art of Srivijaya, always create more to represent in the variousness.

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This Pic is One of Rare Amulets : Front : Jatukarm Ramathep Enamel Gold Plated Amulet Pendant. Jatukarm Amulet is One of the most beautiful to Appearance. Whether you look to Art or designing, the Jatukarm is elegant.

The Back of Jatukarm Ramathep is the Pagoda Image and round with enamel.

*This Pic is Jatukarm Ramathep in Collectible Amulet Collection Series.