Sunday, May 25, 2014

Power of Wealth with Nang Kwak Amulets

Nang Kwak is a Woman statue beckoning Wealth and Business Prosperity. Nang Kwak is represented as a beautiful woman wearing a Thai Dress. She also wears a golden crown on her head and is in the sitting or kneeling position. Her right hand is raised in the Thai way of beckoning a customer, with the palm of the hand pointing downwards. Her left hand is resting on her side or holds a bag full of gold on her lap.

     picture above is 'Mae Po Sop' : Siamese Rice Goddess which is similar to Nang Kwak.

The present iconographic figure of Nang Kwak evolved from Mae Po Sop, the Siamese rice goddess. The difference is that she is not wearing the harvested rice sheaf on her right shoulder. The iconography of these goddesses is based in the Hindu goddess Sri Lakshmi, but their true origins are local and more ancient.

     Picture above : Various of Nang Kwak's Cloth Poster in many Style and Colors.

Thai people like to have a figurine or Pha Yant or Yantra Cloth (Cloth Poster) of this goddess in their home or shop and some people also wear Nang Kwak Amulets Pendant

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    *Photo above is Nang Kwak Plated Gold Amulet