Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Amazing Patterns of Thailand

A Pattern of Thailand

Faith in Buddhism, It is hence important to the work Artist or inventor pattern Thailand by the idea of ​​a lotus garland smoke incense and burning candles, etc. to create a pattern such as pattern designs flames Leaf Festival this greenery etc.., So the study. The origin of this is as follows.

– Development pattern of lilies Species such as the introduction of a lotus lotus lotus lotus sacred lotus etc. Sattbgkch. Was developed using creative imagination with a half lotus. Integrating Lotus together causing a striped pattern and defused three other.

– Developed from the appearance of the flame. Is the same kind of fire as the flames of the fire. The flame of the candle The flame of the torch With the Sarabande Creates a beautiful pattern

This pic is Antique Thai Sterling Silver .925 Enamel Bracelet (Years : 1984) made in Thailland. One of Rare Thai Art Designs with Enameling on the Bracelet. 

The another one of Antique Sterling Silver .925 Enamel Bracelet (Years : 1984) made in Thailand, as well. It's beautiful with Pattern Designs of Thailand, and hard to find it like this.

– Development comes from the leaves. Most of the leaves "Cotton States" because the leaves have a beautiful shape. To create a municipal leaf. The development of the styles of flowers including gardenia sugar flowers bevel glass flowers, jasmine flower, rose flower Phangphuai Lantana flower, etc. These will be part of a pattern Thailand.

– Developed from the leaves of vegetables. Popular uses include a "fern leaves" which are rounded, not sharp craftsman or artist duo took the lead to create a fern motifs such as birds.

     The Image is Thai Chinnarat Buddha 18K Gold with Round Thai Perforated Design

Amulet Name : Thai Chinnarat Buddha
Material : This Amulet is made of 18K Gold on the Case – Round with Perforated Thai Designs and Background of Amulet made of Sapphire. – (source : Thai Chinnarat 18K Gold Pendant)

– The development of animal characteristics. Thailand will find a striped tie striped in the form of animals used. May be realistic or creative adaptation by the animals in the forest.

– The development of the character of the person. Because in the former Art Thailand is popular painting realistic but may use features of the idols of Gods in various religions, such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, etc. make the stripes Thailand no muscles, like the art of the West. But it is an image or design that looks beautiful delicate imagination.

– Developed from the influence of foreign art, notably China, etc.

Motifs characteristic of Thailand by creative process.

Process of creative destruction Thailand There are several ways These methods are unique and individual beauty. And particularly, how the "stencil".

Stencil pattern, but the effect is melted to separate into parts attributable to the stencil pattern is a channel can be divided into two types.

- The gilded stencil is a stencil. Banner usually used to decorate pillars, beams and ceiling wax mold of the building.
- Double layer stencil It will bring out the pattern on the stencil. Stacked layers to add dimension. The stencil pattern usually found in different parts of the building such as balconies, eaves, elephant ears, etc..

The Last one is Thai Antique Sterling Silver Bracelet that is very Old and Rare Thai Designs at Present.