Friday, May 23, 2014

Who is the Brahma?

Brahma is the god of creation. The mass of the destined fate. Everything is controlled in accordance with the terms of the law of karma. Brahma is the great protector. Sin and punishment The passions It was the fate that life is hard but tough. Ari encourages the mind to others. Brahma will cause it to be happy and complete life. Collective sacrifice is to give loyalty to Brahma. Brahma blessed martyr there to inspire happiness forever.

Brahman and the astrologer It is believed that Lord Brahma, he is one of the 3 signifier whose virtues 4, which include compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity is simple, the devil dwells Brahma Thurs Chennai floor Phrommalok which looks 4 the presence of 8 the arm of the Lord. the organization 8 The holding things. * Bible * Rosary * radiator *, mace * Machine * court * Arrow * Conch Brahma, the vehicle is white caste. Suwannahong Brahmin and astrologer. The highly respected Lord Brahma. You like a comparable God A divine halo These are the Fairy Is the Creator of the earth Who is destined to carry over all life, both good and bad. Story of Brahma who took part. On Buddhism Is noted as the Buddha. Says Brahma came to beg the Lord Buddha. His favorite animal to tractable Once the King and Buddha. He went up to preach Buddhist mother. On heaven When he came back down, then Brahma and Indra came to pass as well.

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