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Elephants are animals that are important to a lot of people were Thailand in a long time ago and the Elephant is one of the symbols of Thailand for years as well.

Elephants are the largest land animals today. Take the pregnancy to 22 months, the longest of all the land animals of all kinds. Newborn elephant weighs 120 kg with an average lifespan of between 50 to 70 years, but the oldest elephant ever recorded last up to 82 years.

In Burma, Thailand, India and most of Asia. Elephants was used by the military as labors. In particular rooting trees and moving logs. And is often used for those condemned to death by the pedal. 

Elephant has also been used as a vehicle for hunting safari. Vehicles and animals in the rites of the king or religion. 

Myanmar and Thailand have brought War Elephants were used extensively as well. 'Luthheete' is an outstanding example of a battle using elephants in Southeast Asia. 

'Luthheete' (Thai called : Yut-tha-hat-thee) is a war elephant, a hand-to-hand combat on elephants' backs on the battle in the ancient traditions of the monarchy in Southeast Asia region. 

      * This photo is a Royal Monument of King Naresuan. Located near the ancient Chedi, Province : Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

A War which is considered an honor. The elephant is a large animal And it is strife, the face, the loser will be fatal.

War elephant was an elephant trained and guided by humans for combat. Their main use was to charge the enemy, trampling them and breaking their ranks and instilling terror. 

While Thai elephants also have been used for transport and entertainment.

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