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The Truth of Real Silver 925, Silver Plated, Fake Silver Part1

What you need to know about Real Silver 925, Silver Plate or even Fake Silver.

It's hard to say without any additional information about the silver. Thailand produces a lot of jewelry including Silver, and If the silver jewelry was sold to you as a silver bracelet or silver ring and then you know that your silver is Not a real silver, it's just a simulate silver. It'd feel bad!

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Sterling Silver (Silver 925)
Sterling Silver 925 is made of Silver 92.5% Pure silver, which is why it is so much more expensive than plated items. Sterling silver can be melted and the pure silver recovered rather inexpensively, so "925" or "Sterling Silver", It will marked somewhere on the Authentic Silver Jewelry. If it's real Silver, Seller should be able to provide more information to you.

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Silver Plate (Silver Plated)
Silver plate is only an extremely thin layer (measured in microns) plating of silver over a base metal. It is a thin layer that can wear off. Often, manufactures of jewelery will coat it with a clear material to make it more durable. The most commonly used are copper, brass, white metal, or nickel. This layer of silver is so thin and nearly impossible to recover from the item without expensive means, and is not worth the cost of recovery due to the small amount of silver that can be recovered. 

7 Way to know about Real Silver or Fake Silver
1. The first issue is "weight" – You just shake or wear it. It weight enough to know that real or fake silver : it must have a heavy weight. Fake silvers are lighter than the real one. You will know immediately once when you catch it that real or fake silver.

2. Looking for a symbol or marked "925" or "Silver" on the Silver Jewelry. The Most is Real one usually have it.

3. Prices must not be over cheap or too tempting prices, because that means you're probably being deceived. It should be appropriate to cost you pay for it. Silver has a base value. No one is going to sell an item new, for less than the scrap value. There are many Chinese sellers on the website who sell silver jewelry like rings, bracelets and bangles for a few pence. Real Silver? Really? …Just think about it!

4. Sniffing is one of the several way to know that real or not real silver, it's depend on your nose or your sensitive nose. The High Percentage Silver or Real Silver 925 must not have any smell when you sniff it such as If you catch the smell a 'copper' that mean it low quality silver or fake silver. They may contain a lot of copper.

5. Silver will be "Black" when you placed it in the outside for weeks. Silver to react with oxygen in the air. If It's a fake silver or coated silver, it is not to react by air. 

6. The real silver jewelry can be bent it, because real silver 925 softer than the fake silver.

7. Real Silver 925 Jewelry whether bracelets or earrings or pendants should be filigree, elegant, fine work and well-done whether patterns or designs. A fake silver usually made it pooly detailed, rough designs, dull color, and it's not beautiful, the real silver must made it as neat as possible. 

" it’s too shiny and too cheap, despite the seller said "made of silver". Then check their feedback."

      This Photo is the Dragon Bracelet Silver925 in Highly Detailed Made in Thailand.

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