Thursday, June 18, 2015

History of Sivali Buddha


Sivali (or Thai : พระสีวลี) is an arhat widely venerated among Theravada Buddhists. He is the guardian saint of travel and is believed to ward off misfortunes at home such as fire or theft. His veneration predates the introduction of Theravada Buddhism into Burma.

Sivali is typically depicted standing upright and carrying a walking staff, an alms bowl and Buddhist prayer beads. Born to Queen Suppavasa. 

Sivali is believed to have remained in his mother's womb for seven years because of past karma. After a week in labor, Sivali's mother gave birth to a precocious boy who could immediately speak. Thereafter, Gautama Buddha's chief disciple, Sariputta, admitted Sivali into the Sangha. 

The Burmese believe that he is still living, that he can be invoked to come by a special incantation and that his mere invisible presence will bring them prosperity and good fortune. — Thanks wikipedia-Sivali

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