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Luang Por Cham at Watchaitararam (Wat Chalong)

Whoever comes to Phuket should also stop to visit Luang Por Cham at 'Wat Chaitararam' (Wat Chalong) the most respected temple on Phuket.

       Photo of Wat Chalong is the great place for sightseeing.

The most of People believe that the virtues of Luang Por Cham can cure their sickness. It is said that during the time he was alive, there were many people who came and wanted to gild him as if he was a statue. Even though Luang Por Cham has passed away more than 100 years ago, his reputation and virtue remain in the worshipers’ heart until now. Nowadays, Luang Por Cham is still the shelter for Phuket and Thai people all over.

      Photo of Luang Por Cham

Luang Por Cham’s biography says that, in 1876 in the reign of King Rama V, he helped Phuket people in their struggle with the Chinese Secret Society, the mine workers who rebelled against the villagers and wanted to invade Phuket.

At that time Luang Por Cham gave a white turban to each of the villagers to put on as an amulet for them which made the villagers more confident and courageous. 

The villagers use Wat Chalong as their camp until they defeated the Chinese Secret Society. When King Rama V heard about this he conferred a new title to Luang Por Cham which is Pra Kru Visuttiwong Sajarnyanmunee and also made him the head of the monks in Phuket. The king also changed the name of 'Wat Chalong' to 'Wat Chaitararam'.

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