Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Most Beautiful of Thai Emerald Buddha in Three Seasons Clothes

Three seasons – the three set of costumes for the Emerald Buddha in Grand Palace, Thailand.

   Thai Emerald Buddha, in the summer clothes photo.

Hot season- a stepped, pointed headpiece; a breast pendant; a sash; a number of armlets, bracelets and other items of royal attire. All items are made of enameled gold and embeded with precious and semi-precious stones.

   Thai Emerald Buddha, in the rainy season clothes photo.

• Rainy season- a pointed headpiece of enameled gold studded with sapphires; a gold-embossed monk's robe draped over one shoulder.

    Thai Emerald Buddha, in the cool season clothes photo.

Cool season - a gold headpiece studded with diamonds; a jewel-fringed gold-mesh shawl draped over the rainy season attire.

     Thai 18K Gold Emerald Buddha Three Seasons in One Pendant Photo – ebay

The sets of gold clothing not in use at any given time are kept on display in the nearby Pavilion of Regalia, Royal Decorations and Thai Coins on the grounds of the Grand Palace, where the public may view them. — wiki