Thursday, May 29, 2014

Phra Pid Ta Buddha (Close the eyes Buddha)

One of the Buddha's Category from the Buddhist, which has Unique differences from the other Thai Buddha from other genres into a unique and highly popular among Buddhists, especially the amulet. Which is known As 'Phra Pid Ta' (Buddha is Close the eyes) – Also his eyes off it. 

Counted as amulets that represents the "implied" or "Koan" in Buddhist art is outstanding. Difficult to find any type Amulets have equaled.
Body of a human (or animal) is "anal" means the Gate of the 9 out of the way, including eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, 2 mouths 1 channels including excretory front and rear another 2 for a total of five doors.

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Blocking doors, 9 Koan passion that separates it from the outside into the inside. To destinations in the practice of meditation The Bora Senate, who built the blindfold. (Or close the anus) is a former monk of insight were widely known.

Phra Pid Ta is closed the eye of Buddha, there are few types of Phra Pidta in Thailand, they usually have four arms, six arms or fully covered with mantras. It is one of the favorite kind of Buddha amulets in World Wide.

Phra Pidta amulets can enhance your fortune and ward off the evils. People who often go for business trip or doing dangerous work are suitable to wear this. 
The Phra Pidta hides its eyes meaning that when we stop concerning, asking 
and caring something, nobody can do any bad things to you such as making rumors.

" Phra pidta closes his eyes, thus has the function to prevent Something not good. It’s for avoiding weasel and devil, bringing unexpected money, investing in business."

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