Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sothon Buddha Amulet and History of Sothon Buddha

Records on LP Sothon has a story retold so long. Starting in the late Ayutthaya period. The statue floating on the river 3. On arrival at one place. The villagers see the Buddha floating in the water. Thereby invoking it up on the shore. By taking a boat out to summon help lift the boat. It failed because it was not raised. It turns out to be a big rope. To hold firmly the Lord 3. And then help pull up on shore. It is surprising the locals in those days a lot. Because they do not succeed Villagers tried several times in several ways was unsuccessful. Brace until the rope broke and the insurmountable tide stirred up a miracle is an amazing experience. Make all three Lord Buddha were lost amid the shame of people who saw the incident clearly. The same spirit hands over my head.

This Pic is Thai Buddha LP Sothon Amulet Gold Plated Pendant.

Some would say that without sufficient merit. Lord Buddha summoned all three to one. People in those days, the rumor grew that the Blue Angels, some various ground please. Pastor refuses enshrined on the shore. 

This Pic is one of Rare Amulet : Mini Sothon Thai Amulet Buddha that made in Limited Edition. The Another side of this amulet which is LP Chinnarat Buddha Amulet.

The story spread around and talk to it. The villagers took the place. The Buddha, the third episode was floating upstream to declare it a miracle that. "Third, the lance" referred to so long, it becomes distorted "Sampathuan" together in the end.

According to the legend, the third Lord Buddha floating in the river. One floats to the Bang To pop up at Wat Bang Phli. Villagers brought up enshrined at Wat Bang Phli it easily. This may be because the Buddha. To be enshrined at the scene, it is currently the Luang Pho Wat Bang Phli Samut Prakan.

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Another one floating around Laem ago. Trawl villagers have risen Lord. Summon enshrined Laem temple Or present temple is Wat Phet Samut. Is known Luang Pho Wat Ban Laem Phra, and another one pops up the river. Page down to the flag pole. Sothon current.

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