Friday, May 16, 2014

The History of 'Guan Yin' Buddha Thousands Hands

The Bodhisattva Guan Yin (born 19 May Yi, Chinese) national final is Xan old daughter named Meow is a goddess. Incarnate to earth to help relieve distress mankind. Was the daughter of the king of Mien Zhouzhuang has three daughters, the eldest named Meow Meow Im the secondary name Yuan youth is Buddhist. 

Profound knowledge of the principles His heart is steadfast ascetic For samsara moksha ordained at 19 months 9 God Meow Chuang disagree. 

The Pic is Guan yin Buddha Pagoda is a thousand hands Amulet, Made of 18K Gold – (source)

Son-in-law will be forced to choose To inherit the throne next. But Princess Meow fibrils are not keen about fortune, rank, praise the Father even be impostors nagging, however. Princess was never offended me in any way.

This Pic is the Back of Amulet 'Guan Yin' Buddha Pagoda is a Thousand hands which is LP Sothon Buddha Amulet (Thai alphabet engraved with "หลวงพ่อ โสธร")

Later, the three girls have been driving to work in the garden, such as flowers, to fetch water torture willingness to change. It has helped to replace these Rukketwda all. Father on the ineffective Then said the chief nun Applied to the measurement of the three female white peacock. And to take all measurements of nuns dedicated to the woman acted alone. But the woman's heart was purposefully Sees the various These satyr do instead is to help again. Meow Ask God understands that. The nuns did not dare mistreat heavy use. Is even harder to anger Commanded troops burned the White Peacock was destroyed and burnt. With the nuns and temples. But the princess had gone only a safe Meow survived.

The Other Sculpture of Guan Yin Buddha (Thousand Hands)

Meow Ask God doth know, so. He sent and brought daughter to death. Satyr, protecting princess is Gold Tip is a gigantic armored envelope. Blade of the officers can not be harmful to the body broken sword 3 times 3 pitches Father angry. The perceived that officers do not actually executed. Thus, to kill the officers Then sent the captured princess to hang. But the halter satin was cut off by another.

This Pic is the another one of Guan Yin Buddha Amulet (source)

Suddenly an angel appeared with the Tigers has brought one of the Princess runs up behind, and then fled the scene, he later thepthai Sun Xiang has transformed into an old man came to the princess. Your guide to the perseverance and suffering. It can achieve a fair Mrrcผl 19 months 6 forward scored Father understands that. The Tiger Princess was to have perished. Thus not seduced by the harassment.

Some time later, he committed a sin that resulted. The patients with serious diseases No drug cured Princess Meow had gone out with my camera that way. Father is experiencing hard fate. With Gratitude Excellence They are not angered by the actions of the Father, even less. He was taking the eyes and arms. Lost his father to keep the disease is said that after his saint. The eye and the arm the night Been performed miracles as Pang Yin thousand hands. Princess Meow fibrils that. At first Buddhist Later thepthai possible please. Suggest ways Sorrows Because of this, the Bodhisattva Guan Yin is a Buddhist and a Taoist deity both at the same time.