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Trimurti ... the God of Love

Trimurti That's three meanings is the third episode of the Deva or the nature of power in the fire (fire), Vayu (wind) and solar (sun) known. Induced gravitational Blanca in the workforce, which is the combination of the three gods Brahma, Shiva (Shiva) and Vishnu (Vishnu) is one.

Be comparable to the power of the Trimurti, the three gods in one.
- Creation of the world (the edict) was the power of Brahma.
- Heal the World (Statistics) is the power of Lord Vishnu (Narayana).
- And destroy the world (blaster) is a power of Shiva (Shiva).

" Power on all three together, it is the great power of God in everything."

Thus all three Manchester is like a symbol of natural forces to create a powerful force for damage which these three forces are often marked as'' Aum'' sacred hymns for worship Trimurti is well-known around the world.

The word'' Om'' instead of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, hence the'' industry'' instead of'' Om'', it was mentioned that the first mention of the deity. The three were believed Will receive a blessing from the gods. This is the source of Most people believed that if the hallowed "Trimurti", it is meant to represent the abundance in life, love and work.

The rumors to the sacredness of the Trimurti.

Said that in World War 2 Wang Ratatouille complete miraculously escaped the corruption that, in spite of the war and the bombing of the city where the pieces of the bomb. Ratatouille palace area falls completely, but it appears that the eruption is inverted. And did not do any damage to the palace, Ratatouille complete it. A wonder wonder mingled surprise to many people. As if the miracle is not that.

Trimurti shrine to seek blessings of love.

In fact, the sacrifice should be a red rose flower as a symbol of love 9. In other words, is a symbol of the profane. Auspiciousness and Life Force Or a garland of roses and this one had to have a bunch of red incense and red candles, flowers, and are 9 1 book or 1 pair.

If this is the case, which Candle 1 pair for a pair already. How to hold a candle to splice the two volumes close to the oscillations in life. But if you have no partner May be conveyed to that. Not to be a lonely life Partner as soon as

If prayer is asking to be effective it requires a dedicated care unit tributes. Like to thank By what used to be popular gifts include coconut milk, juice or any type of dessert. It is strictly forbidden savory ones.

The blessings of Trimurti get the most results.

The Notice of experienced and used to fulfill the prayer that. As you know, it is to be held on Thursday at 21:30, but if one is not easy. To respect each other day it would have on the incense and candles finished. First, apply the wax to set, where he provided.

Then they sat in front of Angel's. Hands with incense and flowers or garlands of gold as it chants. Love and prayers to Or any other matter they wish. This prayer must be clear on one subject only pray to be effective on the finish. The walking stick The front burner And gradually bring flowers Or to drop the steering

The blessings of the Trimurti. It can be about work, family, money, or even the healthy body you can get inspired. 

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