Friday, May 23, 2014

Update New Amulet Events

" This Week have a good News for everyone who love Amulets."

• 1 Get 1 in Limited Time!
Thai Chinnarat Buddha 18K Gold Amulet & Black Sapphire Pendant + Six Lucky Big Buddha Plated Gold Amulet Pendant.

The Most Beautiful on the Road of the Amulet Jewelry Pendant : Thai Chinnarat Buddha Gold 18K with The Amazing Patterns of Thailand. Elegant Thai Design Round on the Gold Case and Background made of Sapphire adorned with Round Stencil in Vintage Style from 100% Thailand. Suit to you to keep it in Your Amulets Collections!

Now!! Get it with $0 from The Regular Prices 6 Lucky Buddha – Six Lucky Big Buddha Amulet Gold Plated Pendant.

See Details this Event : AMULET 1 GET 1

• This Pic is Rare Antique Amulets and The Holy Things 10 Authentic Bronze Antique Amulets (Year: 1988in the Holy Things Collections. (Limited Time!) 

            New Amulets Arrivals!

• This Pic is New Arrivals just a few days the Amazing Amulet Thai Sethinawagod 9 Face Gold Amulet Pendant. – What about this One?  If you don't know about this Amulet, Learn More about The Amulet 9 Face : Sethinawagod.

'Sethinawagod Buddha Amulet' was Replicated from The Lord of Buddha, and Amulet is made to look like a Buddha, whether a lotus base, with Ketu is Bua Tum. 

The Yellow Robe or garment That leaves the billionaire representative of the Ninth. The Amulet was made in *Limited Edition Only! – Release in 2 Colors : White and Gold.

Popular Monk

• New Arrivals! – 'LP KOON' : One of the Most Popular Monk in Thailand at 'Wat Ban Rai' (Ban Rai Temple) "Last Piece and Last Minutes in Bidding on 
eBay Now"!