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Legend of The King of Nagas (Serpent)

King of Nagas or Naga is a Big Snake or Serpent has a large crest. Symbol of greatness Richness, with Halo and Rainbow Serpent is also a symbol of the stairs to the universe. King of Nagas is the god of the waters Some say that the god of the sky. Myths about the ancient serpent. Seem to be older than the Buddhist religions.

The search of the legendary serpent originated from South India. Because of the topography of South India are wild, so he keeps the snakes are plentiful. And hence the physical appearance is a serpent snake is venomous animals to humans to respect that authority. South Indian snakes are revered animals Deva is one of the myths and legends. Some say that the animals in the forest. It is believed the serpent prevalent in various regions throughout Asia. Called by different names

Therefore, the origin belief is probably the serpent in India. There are many fabulous stories to the serpent. Especially in the epic Mahabharata. Which is an antagonist of "Garuda". The legendary Buddha The serpent told them several times. However, Southeast Asia has a widespread myth about the serpent. Villagers in this region is often believed that a dragon lives in the Mekong. Or an underwater city And is believed to have been found, the feathered serpent up in the scene will look like patches of large snake. When the water in the river should be raised with respect to worship the sacred.

Characteristics of the serpent faith in each region will vary, but the basic look is the serpent as a large snake with a crest in gold and red eyes. Scales like a fish, there are many different colors according to the Acts. Some are green, some are black and some are 7 and that's important. Naga tribes are conventional single head. But the family was elevated to the head are searching for five, nine and seven-headed head. Snake species are descended from serpent debris serpent (Anantanakkharat Raj), who is the throne of Lord Vishnu Narayana Dee min at retirement liners Anantanakkharat Rajasthan is told that a body colossal length does not end with a thousand heads, a dragon there. Both born in water and on land. Born of the womb and egg Has the power to inspire you and kick it. Naga is often transformed into human shape.

We often see signs on the serpent has always been in painting, sculpture and crafts Naga is a critical component architecture. Especially by building temples roof built for monarchy. And religious institutions By tradition that Future greatness worthy of such a noble institution posture of Naga body spanning the length of the stairs pretty heightened gable roof of the church. Connected to a posture of Naga Naga Naga turned future periodontal simulation and vehicle's serpent gods.

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