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Legend of the Garuda

In legend, the town blue forest creatures. There are stories of the supernatural creatures of many kinds, such as the lion Kodchasri the body, but with a lion head as a bird with a human head Kinnaree Elephant and many more exotic animals. Among animals, the 2 are treated as gods. There are many miracles Garuda Masters of the Sky is one of the masters of the underground serpent.

This pic is one of the famous Garuda's sign at the Government Service.

Snake is a divine paradise in groundwater. The Garuda is a castle in the foothills Chim bottom of KrailasMountain and have a blessed immortality. No weapons of any kind can be disastrous. Even Indra's thunderbolt Garuda said he then called Thao Thao, Suban Ewnati called another name which means (Fur Magic) are at a golden halo. Most have the power Garuda among them. Residents cling to the opera Live opera and the opera is taken from Tanjung flower nectar. Garuda children have grown up since the age of the lunar phases of the moon. Been made to grow with merit. If the identity signifies any merit behind it. Authority will take effect opera ambrosia and nectar from flowers to treat themselves and the mirrored ball Garuda Garuda, their number will grow very quickly.

This pic is sign of Bangkok Bank in Thailand

Naga and Garuda are the animals that come in pairs, according to legend. The story goes that when Lord Brahma created the world currently is. The skills Chart mulatto daughter had all 13 people. Vegas hermit's art pantheon. And the child is the amount by Mrs. Gatto model, one of the daughters, the 13 is the mother of snake and snake 1000 Mrs. Wells, who was a freshman at the origin 2 eggs, which takes time. hatched long Mrs. Wells can not wait I beat egg steamed broken out son of Mrs. Wells was out and it turns out that a man half-bird, but are physically incomplete because out of eggs too early. So I spoke to a mother's son. Another bubble waiting egg split out by nature. Son will be half bird with perfect physical condition. Have merit and enormous physical strength and be there to help her win the eye away from the suffering multitudes. Enough said finishing their first child, a bird flew out of her. And to the coachman to the solar deity. And is called the Dawn Angel, a brother of Garuda.

The Garuda on the Wall of Temple which is full of the Brilliant Sculpture and Wonderful Designs

Later Mr. and Mrs. Gus Truth Quinta betting that the horse happens when gods and monsters stir the elixir. Running to and fro in heaven, then what if I lost the tail must be servants forever. Heavyweights her eyes said a horse's tail is white. Mrs. Gatto model is said to be black, but she Guts series has enlightened is that the tail of the horse is white, and Mrs. Gus Truth fears losing has ideas intrigue by a snake and 1000. into the tail wrapped around the tail of a horse and the horse becomes black. And when that horse ran up to her, the two saw a black horse tail she Quinta do need to give up and become a servant of Mrs. Gatto models.

This pic is the Garuda Amulet Gold Plated PendantDignified Garuda Amulet is the posture in Spread the Wings Elegantly!

At that moment, the second egg had hatched out of Mrs. Wells was born, grew out massive body unto the heavens. Seal on flashing like lightning. Any time plume The mountain was shocked to fish away with his paddle. Radial jets of luminous body is amazing. Resembles the fire to the four directions. The gods act shocked. Important as the granite. Worship alike For coverage Then he flew off to find his mother, Mrs. Wells was found. Mrs. Wells told her story is Guts Model cheating in gambling is to be a slave. I know he made a bird her son Indio. She felt angry, Gath and Naga many models. Therefore, the half-bird, the son of Mrs. Wells was opposed to the snake and the snake together as well as when to fight. But Mrs. Wells was requested and it was not to do with the model and the future Mrs. Gath again. Because they want to keep their word and Raksasad agreed to it. Her sons, half-bird Quinta Quinta agreed with her and give her a servant Guts series, and the snake is a snake, her children by 1000.

Back of The Garuda Amulet is The King of Siam RamaV (Thai King Rama 5)

In the half-bird, the son of Mrs. Wells had entered into negotiations in exchange for her freedom from Gath model and these lapses to the mother. Mrs. Gatto model has a elixir traded to traded against freedom of Mrs. Wells. Son of Mrs. Wells went to find the elixir immediately. On the way he met a hermit Vegas pantheon art the father. Which was recommended to her son Indio fly to the lake and catch a giant turtle and elephants are fighting to increase the power on the go to be the elixir. Son of Mrs. Wells was arrested two animals out to eat next. It was from the banyan tree banyan tree also visit to the island. A hermit banyan 4 plants are in asceticism I flew down to the island, making it the banyan branches broken. Son of Mrs. Wells took the branches to prevent their falling into the 4 hermits, ascetics and four children, Mrs. Wells called the "Garuda" means "bear" or the heavy lifting. Son of Mrs. Wells is known as "Garuda" ever since.

On the Banknote also have the Garuda on the Top Left Corner

When news Garuda stole the elixir is known to Indra. Indra is a godsend to those military strength. The outer layer of the angels of heaven and angels preserved. The elixir in the middle of a wheel radiator with a giant snake. 2 The rotor blade and light surrounded them for protection and prevention. When Garuda arrived at the heavenly army against them fiercely. And the wind was flapping wing soldiers angels of heaven, until the aliens. Soldier can not resist those heavenly power, power of Garuda defeated and ceased to be so exhausted. Then flew up into the water in the ocean spray fire burning wheel surrounded it. And eat snakes, a spinning wheel in it as well. Then nominated the elixir to ransom her. Indra, thus hampering the fight took place. Indra, the lightning bolt on the wings of Garuda, but it's a thunderbolt of Indra, Garuda may cause damage to it. Indra is the surrender to Garuda. Garuda Wing and was given the honor of Indra, Indra, one line. And since then, the Garuda is also known as. "Thao, Suban" means "hair magic".

The story of the battle that has spread to three determined Element Earth. Until hot to Lord Vishnu to come down to defeat. Until the fiercest fighting between Vishnu and Garuda. Thunder fight until the suspension, but the Lord Vishnu and Garuda are no unbeaten winner. Both thus ending the battle and contracted a friendship for each other. By Garuda promised to get a vehicle to Vishnu forever and a flag Cruฑpeahs for stitching on the chariots of Lord Vishnu. The Vishnu was blessed immortality to Garuda and none destroyed. Then Garuda brought the elixir to ransom Mrs. Wells's mother at a later time.

Garuda was semi Oappatika animals Physical, psychic or semi-divine serpent, and they like the Duff one dimension of our world. Those that can be seen is that Garuda has merit have been with him. You can get to know each other. Like those which make contact with the Nagas as well as those who are required to have the same fortune since ancient times is not too public to know each other over the same to such shares.

   "Garuda is the riveting story of the miracle, but people do not pay attention much. In fact, the story of Garuda is the Hindu way to study because he regards him as a god Garuda ever. Even in our own Thailand Superstition was piety to this Garuda. Look for the brand, it's earth looks so attractive that Garuda Garuda some powerful and seems to be what actually exists in another dimension."

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