Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Closed Eyes Buddha Amulet - Phra Pid Ta 2016 Egg-Shaped Pendant

*Photo above : 2016 Year of Monkey - Newest Handmade 18K Gold Egg-Shaped 'Phra Pidta' Buddha Amulet with 'Takrud' (Tiny rolled metal gold amulet inscribed with magic words) is embedded on the amulet Pendant — (eBay Asian Amulets)*

"One of the unique & popular buddha amulet posture is the Closed Eyes Buddha called 'Phra Pid Ta' (ไทย : พระปิดตา)". 

Phra Pid Ta closes eyes for avoiding something not good, dangers, evils and devils keeping one safe from harm and also bringing unexpected money, investing in your business. Image of Phra Pid Ta will close both of eyes with his palms is a symbolical image means stop to see anythings it could make you can stop concerning and worry about some problems that still don't fix, so it can make you calm down as if the idiom : "Close your eyes to calm down"

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