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A Chinese Temple Wat Leng Nei Yi 2

Renowned for the Beauty of Wat Leng Nei Yi 2, district, Nonthaburi We had a chance to make merit - merit and tours. Wat Borom Racha Kanchana Memorial or "Wat Leng Nei Yi 2," which at one time to the atmosphere as if recited in ancient Chinese palace.

Wat Leng Nei Yi 2, a Chinese temple, in the patronage of the Chinese Buddhist sect of Thailand. An area of ​​approximately 12 acres are created to be consecrated in honor of King. 

On the occasion of His Throne in 50 years (in 2539) located near Bangkok just a little whether to drive or ride it out, it takes a minute.

Originally this place exactly Jay is just a small area, which is only 2 acres, a place where people of Bua to respect it. But with the concept of Wat Leng Yi Or measured Dragon Kamalawat Resolution of the clergy of the Chinese sect of Thailand's intention to build a Chinese temple. Assigned to this duty. "Sir, cool fad" (the faculty China fair intelligence CHARIYA attached) has served as Chief Counsel for the construction disciplines. In this open to the faithful Buddhists have the opportunity to create a measure of merit to this. And King He graciously King called "Wat Borom Racha Kanchana Memorial. Catholic clergy China created "by PJ King. Patriarch Maha Sakon Parinayok Maximus His Majesty the King presided over the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the temple.

The architectural style of Wat Leng 2 is to create a pure Chinese art. It's a very Beautiful the same as Thai Art PatternsBuddhist art in the Ching Ming is the layout. According to Buddhism Meditation Temple. Lay siege to the building called Lazy Double helical KIM. The placement of the temple by the temple, the temple is a temple Htuolkbal first Buddhist temple in the middle. Behind the temple is the temple tribute. The other temple Including right-left-right balance.

Wat Leng Nei Yi 2 spent in construction for 12 years since BE 2539 - 2551, before the immense grandeur and artistic beauty of the soul, this will appear to the world as we have seen in the present Measure around the parking areas are cleared extensively on both sides. That's a testament to the number of people arriving at this temple on important occasions as well. Wat Leng Nei Yi 2, facing south. Located in south-western Transverse So we can shoot both sunrise and sunset with a cathedral foreground. The stone arch is lined with mannequins. We can caught anise Hang or 18 saint statues carved out of stone and lumps floating on the craft of stone carving shows clearly. If you go, do not forget that the bottom of these shares. 

Immediately see that there is a lump of rock, really. The first to reach the temple is. "Temple Htuolkbal" which is filled with the images of the saint, including gods and Buddha by the Chinese belief golden eyes. Be the first to have people pray very popular.

Around to the Rear of the Temple have another Temple that is a Temple of Guan Yin Buddha Thousands Hands.

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