Friday, June 13, 2014

Thai Chinnarat Buddha Gold and Diamond Pendant Reviews

Thai Chinnarat Buddha have been reproduced many patterns and designs including various materials. All Chinnarat Buddhas are made it so beautiful and attractive including a power of good side and get rid of bad side in your life with your faith to Buddha whether Chinnarat Buddha made in a Statue or Buddha Amulets.

This picture is 'Thai Chinnarat' Statue of Buddha (Chinnarat Buddha image) which represent as a Lord of Buddha.

      Thai Chinnarat Buddha Amulet 'Tap-Pa-Ram' Indochina Pendant.

    This Picture is Thai Chinnarat Buddha Amulet Indochina 2485 Pendant.

    This picture is Thai Chinnarat Coin Shaped Buddha Amulet Pendant.

   This pic is Thai Chinnarat Buddha 22K Gold & Diamonds Amulet Pendant.

Whether Birthstones like a Sapphire or Cubic Zirconia Gemstone (CZ) or Diamonds are Beautiful things entirely by itself – when Jewelries are adorned with them, they will make the jewelry more glamour and elegance instantly. It's depend on which one you Love. 

The Chinnarat Buddha is considered the Most Beautiful Buddha Image in Thailand including this Amulet '22K Gold and Diamond Chinnarat Buddha Amulet Jewelry Pendant'.

" While the review is posted, this Amulet is one of two come in our hands, few days later it's sold out, so it's left only one right now! "

• Features
Case : 18K Gold 6.1g
Buddha : 22K Gold 1.63g
Diamond : 0.33ct / 32 diamonds (Belgium Cut)
Diamonds Quantity : 32

       Image : Elegance whether Side View or Back View.

" The Outside Case Amulet is made of 18K Gold and Round with Diamonds, the Inside (Buddha) is made of 22K Gold."

Why's the Outside Case is not 22K Gold?
Normally 22 Karat Gold (22K Gold) (22 Carat Gold) is softer than Gold 18K, so The Outside Case must be stronger than the Inside —*Item source : Thai Chinnarat Buddha Amulet Jewelry Pendant 22K Gold and Diamonds on eBay.

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