Saturday, June 7, 2014

Update New Amulets Events Part3

Few weeks ago, We have updated our New Amulets and Other Items in Update New Amulets Events Part2 and Update New Amulets Events Part1, and Today New Items are Released here – Focus on 'Sterling Silver 925'

Why Silver Jewelry must be 92.5% (Silver 925), why not 100%?

Someone Knows, but Someone doesn't Know yet. – Silver is used to make jewelry and home furnishings for a long time. In earlier times, silver jewelry is made of 100% pure silver, but looks are not shiny. The Nature of Silver will have the light. Making Silver in 100% is deformed or destroyed easily, so it was invented with a purity of 92.5% (notice the jewelry is written as 925), the rest is mixed with other metals such as Copper or zinc To make it stronger. 

And also allows the technician to make jewelry silver jewelry can easily take many forms, and more.

*Jesus Christ Crucifix Cross Sterling Silver Pendants

"These Pendants for everyone who Love Jesus Christ!"

*All Pendants are Brand NeW with Simple Patterns but it's Nice for your Cross Pendants Collections. All Silver Cross Pendants are made of Real Sterling Silver 925 (92.5%) Made in Thailand.

    * 4 Unique Silver Cross Pendants in 4 Sizes 4 Styles.

*King of Nagas Sterling Silver 925 Collectible Sets

King of Nagas or Naga (Serpent) have Amazing Designs by itself. Naga is look like a Chinese Dragon but it's still Difference.

• Silver Bracelet

• Silver Ring

          * Naga Serpent Silver Ring

* The Most Beautiful of Serpent Naga (King of Nagas) Sterling Silver Bracelet 925 when you wear together in 
King of Nagas Collectible Set.

*The Elephants Sterling Silver Bracelet 925

  * Highly Detailed with Classic Brand New in Vintage Style.

source : 100% Sterling Silver 925 and also Released in eBay

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